Prism Plus Consulting is an IT services and business consultancy dedicated to helping organizations become more effective, efficient and profitable. We align the company’s goals and objectives to the processes, regulatory requirements, systems and technology and pull it all together with strong project management.

Our name was derived from the key verticals of our company:

  • Business Process: To maintain and improve effective and efficient processes requires continual improvement. What is great today may not be great or even acceptable tomorrow. A company’s processes must transition and grow with the strategy and utilize existing or new tools to take advantage of technologies to improve the bottom line.
  • Regulatory and Best Practices: When reviewing the business process, it is critical to take into account any regulatory requirements and/or best practices to which the company has committed.
  • Information Systems and Technology: It is easy to build or buy technology but often times the technology is acquired without regard to company direction, the business process, or the regulatory requirements. It is not uncommon for technology to be gathering dust that may have great value for a company if it were integrated into the business.
  • Project Management: In order to define, align, and prioritize the business growth it is important to have a companywide view of the approved projects. We work with our clients to identify priorities and drive the projects through to successful completion.